Frequetly Asked Questions  


1. Do I need any software?

Windows Users: (98,2000,XP,Vista)

1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later, Firefox 2.0 or later plus Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin
2. Windows Media Player 7.0 or later

Mac Users:(Mac OS Xv10.3.9,10.4 or later) 

1. Apple Safari 2.0 or later or Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later
2. Quicktime 7.0 or later, plus Flip4Mac WMV and Flip4Mac Streaming Utility or Windows Media Player for Mac/OS X

If you are unable to listen with Vista OS in Internet Explorer Browser, try Mozilla Firefox.

2. When I click "Play", I get Windows Media Player protocol error. What should I do? 

It may happen for some Internet Explorer version and Windows Media Player version combination. You may try to update Windows Media Player to higher version or you may use Firefox Mozzila web browser. If you still get errors, send us e-mail with your browser information and Windows Media Player information.

3. Can I customize my own programs? 

No. All programs will be aired from " - JINVANI station" and schedule will be published in advance on our website.

4. I am experiencing techinical difficulties. What should I do ? 

If you have read FAQs and still unable to solve it, please contact us with details and we will help you to resolve the issue.


1. How can I donate to help this cause?

We would like you to donate your time regularly listening to JINVANI - Jain Radio Channel at least 1 hr/day with the program of your interest.

2. Can I donate my Jain music collection?

If you would like to donate your Jain music collection to us, please contact us and we will arrange to get the material.

3. Can I volunteer to help your foundation?

Thank you for your offer. Please send in your information via CONTACT US and we will contact you when we might need your help.


1. How do I listen to live radio programs?

Just click on "Listen Live - JINVANI" or "Play" image on Home page. It will automatically open Windows Media Player and connect to "JINVANI" station of

2. Is this radio available on traditional AM/FM channels?

At this time, it is only available on the internet.

3. Are there any live shows where I can call in with my questions?

You can mail us your questions here. We do plan to arrange live discussions, lectures with experts down the road but not just yet.

4. Is podcast of the programs available?

Not yet. 

5. Do I need to sign up or subscribe to listen to programs?

No. This service is freely available to everyone and does not need you to sign in or subscribe.

6. I don’t see the programs that I would like to listen to. What should I do? 

We will be glad to receive your suggestions. Please send us your suggestions via CONTACT US.

7. What will be the language of these programs?

Most of the programs will be in Hindi, Gujarati, English and occasionally in Sanskrit. 

8. Can I download any material from your website?

No. All programs are aired from our secure location and it only available to listen. If you would like to get the material for your own collection, you need to buy it from respective sources.