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The site and Jain Radio Channel - JINVANI is dedicated to our Parents

Many of us have migrated to US, Europe and other parts of the world after being brought up in India around religious atmosphere. Though our local community strives to recreate India alike religious atmosphere elsewhere, it’s a daunting task. This is an attempt to aid to such efforts and provide an option to individuals who want to learn about Jainism and crave for spiritual progress.

More often than not, settling outside India slowly gets to you and changes the routine that would have been otherwise. We hope that Jain radio channel will allow you to stay in touch with Jain teachings in today’s busy world.

We have many thoughts to develop this initiative further to appeal to larger audience and to make it easily accessible. We look forward to your suggestions and wish that everyone leverages this tool to the best possible to continue their spiritual journey.

  • We have a rich collection of CD/DVD/VCD for Jainism that we would like to share with all of you around the world via "Jain Radio Channel" where we simply play music from our own collection.
  • The audio material is played for the benefit of Jain community worldwide to learn Jain princliples and rituals.It should also help yourself in regular swadhyay of JINVANI that leads to "Samyak Darshan".
  • With blessings of Shri Gurudev Kanjiswami, our parents in their early age learned "AtmaDharma" and taught us Jain principles to achieve "Samyak Darshan". We have been connected to Jainism via Acharya Shri KundKund and his teachings of Bhagwan Mahavir's principles.
  • We do not have information about all of our material for its singer, producer or distributor. We would like to thank all of such great souls who contributed for Jainism.
  • If you have any concerns about Jain Music played on this channel, please Contact Us.

Jai Jinendra
JainMediaLive Team


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