JainMediaLive.com - Objective 

We have created this website to fulfill three basic needs of Jains around the world.

1. Create a medium that helps individuals to follow religious routine

  •        Most of us have religious audio/video materials (CDs/DVDs/VCDs) but only few of those are played and perhaps infrequently.
  •         Many websites allow downloading of audio/video material but there isn’t any website today that broadcasts programs. We often download such material enthusiastically but may not get around to playing those.

2. Stay Connected with Religious Roots

  •       Even if you are at remote place anywhere around the world, feel connected to the Jain teachings.

3. Create Religious Atmosphere

  •       Bolster efforts of creating Jain religious atmosphere across the world to the extent possible.

JainMediaLive.com - Vision

Based on the feedback we receive, have many thoughts to take this initiative to the next level. Some of the thoughts include:

  •        Broadcast programs covering various topics that cater to large audience from kids to novice to advance.
  •         Broadcast programs as a traditional radio channel beyond being online Radio channel. It will allow users to tune in even when internet is inaccessible.
  •         Leverage as a medium to learn; Stay tuned for various educational series programs and graduate yourself in Jainism
  •         Host live lectures, discussions with experts
  •         Expand coverage from Audio to Video material
  •         Inform latest events & news local and around the world